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Alarm Security products for the home

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Somfy provides powered and automated solutions for window coverings and exterior shading products.

Somfy is known for its full line of motorized window coverings. For over 40 years, Somfy has been delivering high-quality and versatile products. With motorized curtains and shades, privacy and UV protection are at your fingertips. Somfy products offer a new level of innovation when used with sun sensors, shades can automatically close, or program them with the smartphone app to open and close on your schedule.

You’ve already got blinds, shades, or curtains in your home, so why make the switch to motorized window treatments? Somfy TaHoma® puts you in the driver’s seat and allows you to control your motorized window coverings, awnings, screens, and rolling shutters with a smartphone, tablet, or the sound of your voice.

Motorized blinds and shades are cordless and can be opened or closed via remote control, smartphone app, or voice commands, making them ideal for tall, hard to reach windows. If you’ve got children or pets at home, going cordless with motorized window coverings provides additional safety for the ones you love.


+ Motorized Blinds & Shades
+ Motorized Curtains & Drapes
+ Motorized Projection Screens


+ Motorized Awnings & Shades
+ Motorized Pergolas & Drapes
+ Exterior Screens


Switching to motorized window treatments adds convenience to your busy life by automating the balance of natural and artificial light in your home. Schedule your motorized blinds and shades to open and close on the schedule that’s best for you and your family. Let the light in when you wake up, but keep the glare away when you need to focus, and even increase energy efficiency in your home.

The real question is: why not switch to motorized window treatments? Learn More.

  • Motorized Designs
  • Programs for day and night scenes
  • Operated via remote or smartphone
  • Conserves A/C costs during Summer
  • Screens enable maximize use of the home's interior
  • Prevents UV damage to the interior furnishings
  • Alarm Security Solutions
  • Alarm Security Solutions
  • Alarm Security Solutions with camera surveillance
  • Alarm Security Solutions

Somfy provides a full line of options plus outdoor solutions as well.
So easy. So reliable.

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